Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 5 Post: Social Listening

Week 5: Social Listening
Bless Up DJ Khaled

Over the past few year's DJ Khaled has become one of the most popular and influential people on Snapchat. Because of his Snapchat usage, Khaled has built his personal brand and the brands he supports. Khaled posts videos every single day chronicling everything he does. He gives his fans and followers a backstage view into the life of a wealthy hip hop artist. He snaps while he's out on his jet ski in Miami visiting P Diddy, he snaps while he's walking through a hotel and being mobbed by fans, he snaps his workouts with his trainer, and just last week he snapped the birth of his son.

DJ Khaled has even turned his Snapchat usage into endorsement deals for certain products. Earlier this year he was Vegan for 30 days and started using Silk. He shared smoothie recipes made with SIlk and some of his snaps were featured in their new ad campaign. I'm not sure if the snaps or the endorsement came first, but Silk was able to leverage Khaled's brand endorsement into a real celebrity endorsement and turn it into an traditional ad campaign.

DJ Khaled's Snapchats get over 3 million views because he is authentic. He shares every facet of his life and doesn't hold much back. He promotes his music and his music label, but he also talks about how much he loves flowers and the beauty of his home. You get the sense through his Snapchat story of who he actually is. When he's on tour, he tells fans where he is staying and Snapchats himself walking through the lobby greeting his fans. He doesn't hide himself away from fans and paparazzi, instead gives them full access to his life. He's so open on Snapchat that he shared the birth of his son (starts at the 7:30 mark). In a world when celebrities secretly have babies in fancy hospital wings, Khaled is Snapchatting it live to anyone who wants to tune in.

Many marketers are confused at how to harness Snapchat, but DJ Khaled seems to have it figured out. I think it is an opportunity for companies to share behind the scenes footage of their products and companies. It's a huge opportunity to be authentic and transparent about your business and how your products are made. I think the opportunity is huge for marketers.


"The sky is beautiful"
DJ Khaled Lost at Sea

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